• Spring Starter List

    Hi loves! I know it has been FOREVER! But, I am back better then ever and ready to share some fun tips on where to get started with the season’s changing, let Spring in!!🌸

    Spring is not my favorite season because of all my allergies and the weather in Florida, but I do adore Spring fashion almost the most and cannot get enough of the whole idea of Spring! So that first off goes with Spring cleaning! Yes I said cleaning, but the kind that just makes you feel all around refreshed after a hard day of sanitizing and organizing!

    1. SPRING CLEANING I’ve cleaned out my closet atleast 3 times so far this season, it’s really gotten me to purge clothing items I truly don’t wear enough. I also love to do a heavy clean in my room, spray some essential oils, dust, sanitize and let the sunlight pour in my room! This honestly helps mental health I wholeheartedly believe. This is my number one thing to start out Spring for me!


    I LOVE to update my wardrobe! As mentioned above, I clean my closet out and donate a ton of clothes that no longer catch my eye. Then, the best part, I look up trends and go to the thrift store or really anywhere that catches my eyes and I buy a couple colorful pieces to start out the season! I think this is the best time to have style changes, try something new, and see what truly fits still!


    Many people going into the Summer season tend to have more free time, this time is my favorite to pick up an old hobby or try a new one, or several! For me, this is my time to be active in the water like kayaking regularly or swimming. For creativity, I’ve been learning how to draw and paint better and it really is a great creative outlet for me when I’m uninspired or just need something to create that’s different.

    I hope this helps your Spring!!!

  • Fall Transitioning Styles

    Between the sweat and frizzy hair of the heat…and not just any heat for me, but Florida heat, I guess you could say, I’M READY FOR FALL! Although it doesn’t fully come about in Florida, I love all the colors and fashion statements associated with Fall. So I’m here to give you some real life examples from this FL girl of actual Fall transitioning outfits that won’t make you sweat in 5 seconds. Also these are all mirror selfies on my phone…so different for me but I wanted to be as real life as I could be to my audience and see how you like it!


    I love to be inspired by nature’s colors for my color palette’s to wear each season. I pulled some images from my Pinterest @peachfullychlo to help give an idea of what to start with!


    First up: Honestly just something in my closet I’ve had for a while! If you know me, you know I’m all about being environmentally friendly fashion ideas and recycling clothes at the thrift store or finding new ways to love the items you buy compared to throwing them out! This shirt is a turtleneck tank and it is so thin and deceiving as a more Fall piece, when it’s totally light enough for Summer! I would check Amazon for something like this, I’m pretty sure I got this at Ross ages ago. Next, is my FAVORITE skirt I thrifted, it’s just so comfy and flattering on me, I got it at Goodwill probably a year ago and If you’ve been following me I can GUARANTEE you’ve seen this skirt on me many times! Next, I just paired an oversized cropped denim jacket, the rule for Fall transition is throw your favorite denim jacket over any outfit of yours in the evening and I think it just makes the perfect transition. Then, I put on this hat from Amazon that was like $6. Fedoras are a must for Fall, and my hair was greasy and now you can’t even tell! Lol, I love hats for any season but especially that I can bring out my fedoras instead of just straw hats. I’d pair any of these outfits I have with tan or light booties, even brown ones!


    The next is super casual and I’m not sure if I even brought out the casual side of me to ya’ll before, so I’m trying to bring some more out and take pictures with more casual outfits! This oversized unique shirt I thrifted from Sunshine Thrift and I love it! It has special stitched feathers and I love a long tee look with these distressed leggings. I put up a little half bun and I think it’s super fall looking just because of the shirt, I would pair oversized Halloween and fall shirts with these leggings for sure…really anything oversized with the Fall colors and add some wedges.


    This one is just something unique I wanted to put together, this is all thrifted and my best advice would find a dark floral blouse to dress up for Fall, a denim dress is always so perfect for fall! This dress is something I haven’t seen many times but an overall dress or jean skirt would be perfect as well. I paired it with a fun fanny pack to accessorize!


    One of the easiest fall transitioning to do is a dress with any Fall colors! When Fall comes around, I’m all mustard yellow. I threw a kimono over it and some cream booties, and that’s it! So easy and it won’t be too hot to deal with!


    This is a romper I got at Marshall’s a while back and it’s so easy and the perfect color palette for Fall. Like I said before, I had greasy hair taking these so another tip that’s so easy to do your hair for Fall as well is put it in a messy low bun and put on a fedora! It looks so put together, who doesn’t love being lazy but looking great at the same time??!


    This one looks all out-Fall right? It’s a super thin long-sleeve crop top and I paired it with some Madewell crop flare black jeans so these are super airy as well, and yes, I do live in fedoras!!


    This is one of the most simple outfit I put together, this is so easy if you just want to look trendy on the go! I have a cedar color mock top with a pair of distressed denim, add in a cute velvet headband and earrings and you’re set!

    That was my Fall transition round-up! I hope these helped you out and let me know if you liked the easy feel and looks with mirror selfies! I hope Fall is very fashionable and fun for you!

  • Galaxy’s Edge: The Traveler’s Guide

    First off: IT’S BEEN A WHILE!

    Second: I’m ready to switch things up a little and talk about some OTHER things that I’m truly passionate about as well, Disney & Star Wars. They are very important to me…and I went to Galaxy’s Edge twice in one weekend so I got all the tea on the latest attraction in Disney World, let’s dive in!!!

    If they are still there make sure you get all the maps and guides, super nice and collectible!

    So if you don’t know, Galaxy’s Edge POPPED OFF and Disney did an amazing job! It is so spacious and the crowd control was done so well…the place is like it’s own land and as a big Star Wars fan I seriously appreciate the ability to just experience Batuu the entire day without running out of things to do!

    I went in the morning of the first Saturday it opened around 6 or 7am and we got on Smuggler’s Run within 30 minutes and there was no crowds to fight whatsoever.

    A little bit about Smuggler’s Run:

    It’s actually super interactive and the first time I would suggest Gunner or Engineer because you just press buttons! I haven’t done Pilot yet but you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing versus just experiencing the ride. It is SO fun and it makes you really feel like you’re apart of operating the millenial falcon!

    You get a color and a card and your position, you can freely roam around in the queue until your color is called!
    The views of the Millenial Falcon while in the queue are incredible!

    Side note: I forgot to take pictures of the food but it was AMAZING and the restaurant is kind of like Pandora’s in food selection! The Tattooine Sunset is my new favorite tea!

    Star Wars Bound:

    “I love you” “I know” is John and I’s favorite iconic line and obviously our favorite characters are Solo and Leia, so I decided to bound just as that!

    Let’s Talk Drinks:

    So Blue Milk & Green Milk? They’re slimy! Blue Milk has a really good berry slushy taste but Green Milk is a lot more sour and I personally hated it!

    Oga’s Cantina:

    My personal favorite part in all of Galaxy’s Edge! They have the coolest cocktails and it’s so fun and lively I actually felt I was in the cast of the Star Wars movie! What we had: Jedi Mind Trick and Fuzzy Taun Taun. They were both SOO good! Mine was Fuzzy Taun Taun and the foam makes your mouth numb actually!!! The juice is so good with peach, vodka, and who knows what else!! Oga’s Cantina is a MUST to go to and they can stand you at the bar sometimes really quick without reservation, we waited maybe 10 minutes.

    Grab your thermal detonators for $6, they are great souvenirs!!

    All together, their merchandise is INCREDIBLE and the entire Batuu experience is unforgettable, I can’t wait to go back and I hope this helped you out for your trip far, far away!!!

  • Thrifting Summer Trends

    Summer is in full swing! From school being out to the extreme heat, it’s hard to deny we are coming full force with Summer!

    With that, let’s talk Summer Trends for 2019. If you’re like me, one of my favorite things in the different seasons is do some research on the biggest trends! I love incorporating these trends into my thrifting. Trends are just recycled from past decades and generations, so it’s so easy to incorporate some vintage and amazing pieces at Sunshine Thrift! My first piece of advice would be to Google the trends for the season and year and go by reputable places for the most updated fashion trends on the runway; such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. All of these places alone will give you all the trends you will need to know!

    My top 2 pieces of advice for hot Summer days and staying fashionable is COMFORT and simplicity. You can still easily make a piece so fashionable and trendy; I would have to say comfort is key for me when you’re most likely going to be a little sweaty or warm. I love to make it simple and stick with statement tops with puffed sleeves or a pop of neon, (like the one listed below.) You just can’t go wrong with a simply effortless outfit.

    Here are my researched Summer Trends for 2019:

    If you watched my latest ‘Come Thrift with Me’ with Sunshine Thrift, you’re a step ahead! You will be able to see how easy it was to find so many Summer trends to stock up on!!! I’m going to show you how I styled my Summer trends I thrifted at Sunshine Thrift!!

    FIRST UP: Utility Trend

    I went in the men’s section to find a men’s work shirt so I could get the utility look I was going for! To make it more feminine I rolled up the sleeves a little and paired it with a cool belt also from Sunshine thrift! I paired the outfit with some distressed jeans and suede boots. This is such an easy trend to pull off!

    Maxi/Peasant Dress Trend

    This adorable polka-dot mauve peasant dress I found at Sunshine Thrift with the ORIGINAL TAGS still on it is so cute and elegant! It’s the perfect example of the maxi/ peasant dress trend because it embodies both dress types! I couldn’t believe I snatched this dress for only $8! It’s so easy and comfortable to wear with strappy neutral sandals and a straw hat for Summer.

    Neon Trend

    I thrifted this adorable vintage-looking neon orange top at Sunshine Thrift while going through my Summer Trends list and I think this is the perfect statement top for the pop of neon trend going on for this Summer. It’s one of my favorite colors and it’s so bright and fun it just screams Summer! I paired it with some vintage Levi’s I got from Thredup and a straw hat, this is a great example of an easy and trendy Summer outfit and it’s completely thrifted!

    That’s my Summer trends round-up for 2019! I hope this inspired you on what to thrift for Summer, it’s so easy to simply come in with that list above of Summer trends and get all you’ve been looking for! My budget was $25, and it definitely was well worth it.

    I hope this helps your Summer outfit inspo!

    Until next time,

  • Thrifted Statement Tops for Summer

    Summer is in full swing for me! Being in Florida the heat is definitely here like it’s Summer. Summer is my least favorite time of season, I feel like I can’t layer as much or make my outfits so extra because it’s atleast 90. So I want to give some advice on how I make my outfits still fun and cute!

    Obviously, from the title, it’s mainly finding the right statement top. I thrifted some fun pieces that can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. And it will make the outfit still pop and look simple and effortless!! It’s all about the frills, puffy sleeves (2019 Summer Trend), stitching, and unique aspects of the top!

    The first top I thrifted for $4.28, is the PERFECT top for Summer. It’s a light yellow Tank Top, it has the little frill on the sleeves and cute detailing right in the front of the chest area, I love the square neck as well for Spring & Summer. It’s seems to be really trendy!

    The next top is actually long sleeve. I wasn’t sure about picking up this at a Nashville Thrift Store I was at, but now to me this is the perfect indoors blouse for Summer. I believe it was $3. It’s light and has a ton of fun frills. I think it looks so chic with a fun skirt or jeans if you want a more professional look. It’s just so dramatic!

    The next top I thrifted is actually my favorite top for the Summer!! I didn’t think it would fit me, but it did and it’s the perfect Summer top for me! I love cropped tops for Summer, and this one is cropped but has all the extra details I want so it’s not as basic. The little puff sleeves and the flower stitching is everything! It frills out at the bottom and obviously, my favorite color to wear is white so it was really a win. I believe this was $4.48 at Goodwill.

    And those are the tops I wanted to show you for Summer! My advice for thrifting statement tops in Summer would be look for the frills, light and bright colors, and don’t be afraid to branch out with a little dramatic flair. Summer Trends for 2019 are definitely more dramatic and fun, don’t be afraid to try puffed sleeves or a 70s top. They are so in! I obviously have some Summer tops that weren’t thrifted that I got deals on, but if you know me, thrifting is always better. You will be able to find more unique pieces amidst the extreme Summer season that presses you to buy the same thing, this way you can be unique! Also, if you want to see all my Summer tops, they will always be posted on my Instagram.

    That was everything! Have a fashionable Summer at the same time being thrifty! I hope this helped you to be!

    Until next time,

  • Festival Styles for April 2019

    So I’m in Coachella nostalgia I guess you would call it! Between all the gorgeous western-bohemian pieces and the festival styles that always float around this time of the year. I just had to take my own spin on it, Coachella or nochella. I was going to do it.

    Explanation over, I’m here to bring you how I style festival looks, and of course, some thrifted and discounted finds I had just hanging in my closet that I put together! The best part is that I had so many to choose from just in my closet and I didn’t need to go out and buy anything else. A bit of a back story on my style, it is typically bohemian, those are my roots so finding festival outfits can be typically very easy for me!

    I narrowed down two outfits to do photoshoots in. So, I wanted to discuss with you how I put them together!

    The first one I’m going to talk about is the striped black skirt and bralette with a long lace cardigan. I got the skirt from Marshall’s a while back for $12 I believe, and I have an Aerie strapless bralette on. I wanted an excuse to wear my adorable Aerie bralettes as well that I probably got a year ago and didn’t think of what outfits would be good enough for other then wearing underneath my clothing. The lace cardigan is from Ella and Blake Boutique. I think it would be fairly easy to find dupes of these, but #1 I’m lazy to pin links and #2 I’m here to discuss how to style them and you can add in your own ideas and articles of clothing! The western ankle boots I thrifted at Goodwill years ago for $8 as well. I think the long skirt with a slit and a western ankle boot can really tie in any festival look this year. Top it off with a bralette and lace and you’re already set with a festival look! I gave some flair with face glitter and space buns too!

    My second outfit was cool for me to pair up because I have no idea what this black “open-front” dress thing is to be honest. I just thrifted it at Salvation Army for $3 thinking it could be a swimsuit cover up and never wore it until now. It’s beyond perfect for a festival look! It gives the flair and show off of my bralette and adds this bohemian- festival fun the outfit needs. I just put together with it some distressed flower jean shorts and a black Aerie bralette. I paired it with more thrifted boots from Goodwill and a fedora hat to keep it western as well. I also had this super detailed necklace that I’ve had for probably 4 years that just went with the outfit so well. By far, this cover up I thrifted is probably the best festival piece to have in my opinion. It says it’s from Forever 21 as well so there’s plenty of these dress cover up things to pair with! Lol! I also couldn’t pick the color and if you know me, I don’t wear black hardly ever, I love to wear white so given the choice I probably would pick white but since it’s thrifted I was able to expand my pallet and I loved the black for the western-bohemian vibes of festival outfits trending right now.

    I hope these outfits and visual aids helped you try and pair some festival looks and get creative! I know a lot of us don’t need any reason to know how to wear festival outfits, but be bold and just go out and have a photo shoot or hang out in one! I definitely had fun with festival styles and I was able to get creative with my favorite personal style, so I hope that sparks some creative juice for you!

    Until next time,

  • Styling Big Trends Right Now: Yellows!

    I’m sure everyone has seen how much I wear yellows now, it’s become one of my favorite colors to wear and is a huge trend right now. On my Instagram, I have a highlight section of trends and I will be covering all those for you this season. To start those off: Mustard yellow has been huge, but now that spring is here the forecast for yellow is all of them! But not just mustard yellow this time, we are looking at goldens, lemon, butter, and marigolds!

    With that being said, I wanted to show you how I style my mostly thrifted yellow pieces of clothing! I realize yellow can be a scary color many don’t venture to but I’m here to help you out with it and show you how fun and happy it can be to style in your outfits for Spring and Summer!

    I wanted to start off with this adorable butter-colored floral dress I thrifted! I got this at Salvation Army for $3 I believe and it’s so perfect for spring and easy to wear, I paired it with a cropped jean jacket and light-blue lace up sandals to give it some less plain details. This dress is perfect to wear by itself as well, it has shoulder pads and layering at the bottom to give it a little flair.

    The next outfit is this mustard yellow polka-dot top I bought at Marshalls for $7 and high-waisted vintage shorts I got at Sunshine Thrift for $4. I paired it with this bag I bought off Shein and the same sandals I love to wear with yellow. This is a great casual look for a hot day.

    The next piece I thrifted (again!) is this vintage two-piece dress that is an off-yellow or cream with yellow and brown flowers. I paired it with a straw hat to make it look even more Spring-like. (Is that a word?) It’s so comfy for warm days like every day in spring in Florida!

    Next, I paired these mustard yellow high-waisted skinny jeans I got off Abercrombie. They were having a sale and I love mustard yellow so…I jumped at it! I paired it with a thrifted Lucky brand tank from Goodwill and my Pine and Palms jean jacket again! I love pairing jean jackets with the yellow, I think it contrasts perfectly. The shoes are a blue lace-up flat as well. And a straw bag I thrifted!

    The last thing I paired with yellow was this skirt and blazer I thrifted. The blazer was from Sunshine Thrift for $7 and had some yellow in it to give a nice contrast. The skirt is a burnt orange from Goodwill I got for $5 and this gave it another dynamic color to pair with the mustard yellow tank under. I love making a good dynamic transition with yellow as well, it will mis-match perfectly! (If that doesn’t make sense, mis-matching is a bold new trend right now as well.)

    Those were all my ideas for the new yellow trend for Spring! I hope these helped you get an idea of how to pair your yellows this Spring and Summer. As I mentioned above, thrifting helps give that push to a dynamic look as well for your yellows!

    Until next time,

  • OOTD: Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival

    Inspired by all things spring at the flower & garden festival, I chose this fun and light-weight floral dress that was thrifted for $5 at Goodwill.

    The inspiration from this OOTD was definitely the festival itself AND the weather. It was in the high 80’s and I wanted something breathable and comfy. I love this little dress I thrifted for spring, it’s perfect from it’s floral designs to green details. Spring dresses I feel like are the easiest piece to thrift, so if you need help or feel like you couldn’t conquer a thrift store, try floral dresses. There’s always so many! These adorable mickey sneakers I got on Nordstrom Rack definitely gave my outfit an even more spring flair. I wanted these shoes since they came out but they were $150. I found them on Nordstrom a week ago and flipped out. They were on sale for $35 and I had to get them. They’re the perfect theme park sneaker, especially in Florida. They are rubber like a rubber boot so that’s perfect since it rains so much in Florida, and they are somewhat platform so they are comfy all day! (Just need to wear them in around the ankle of course.) And then my tink bag of course! I got this on box lunch a while back when it was on sale for $40 and it’s the cutest accent piece for Disney!

    I hope you enjoyed my little OOTD…

    Until next time!

  • Thrifting: Tips & Tricks

    Before I get into my tips and tricks, I wanted to talk about why I thrift as well. Not only is it a way to find unique pieces others don’t have, but it is a way to recycle and stop the constant spread of landfills from the fashion industry that comes and goes with cheap clothing to fit the trends every couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and department stores as much as the next fashion lover, but I like to mainly thrift so I can feel confident with my purchases and know that most of my money is going to a good cause typically at thrift stores- the ones I tend to thrift at are a non-profit organization and help the homeless and abused, or others to find jobs. I think it’s important to realize what goes on in the industry and to keep in mind where your clothes are going that you are buying. So, with that said, now onto my tips!


    I know a lot of people struggle with this, and I did a couple years ago, when you go in a thrift store you tend to start out with no plan, just buying everything you think is cute because it’s cheap- big no no. Why? because I’m still cleaning out my closet now from years of clothes I try to find use for. Not because I don’t like them or think they’re cute (and sometimes I don’t anymore), but simply because they don’t go with my everyday life or use to go with other outfits. I’ve been throwing out things that are say bright blue that I know I won’t wear simply because of the color. Seem crazy? Well, it’s actually how your brain works! We all have items we stay in the color range of or that go together- and for me right now I’m looking to fulfill a capsule wardrobe. Which are neutrals mainly with light colors for my style, and to be real, I don’t even like bright blue. Make sense now? I’m thinking this should be an easy concept to grasp and you might think you’re already doing this…but once you truly put this to practice and keep this in the back of your mind, you’ll see how many things you grab at the thrift store that simply don’t work for your wardrobe or fashion sense. With that being said, I’m keeping in mind that a thrift store doesn’t always have your color choice. So be bold, but don’t end up buying something you won’t wear more than once. I love a vintage piece that’s unique and doesn’t fit in my capsule- it helps me be creative. But I must know when I’m over buying, even at the thrift store. So, come with a plan of what pieces you want for that day and try and focus on those. Like high waisted-light washed jeans or a statement top with frills and unique touches. And go with that for the day. You don’t have to only look at those items but go with a plan of what pieces you have in mind.

    These are both recent find that I put together easily because of the earth tones & neutrals I’m going for.


    The thing about thrifting is not finding the normal. So, look for your regular size but also look at all the sizes. I have an extra-large cable knit white cardigan I adore and it’s definitely not in my size. But I love an oversized piece and different items can look great with certain outfits. I pair that cardigan with high waisted skinny jeans and crop tops, nothing else on me is oversized and it really sets my outfit to perfection by having it as an accent. When you’re in a thrift store, there’s millions of different brands and new and old items, this is all subject to change with correct sizing. Some vintage pieces run larger and some smaller, depending on the year. So, don’t let yourself miss out on a perfect vintage piece just because it isn’t your size or don’t think it will fit you! Next, try everything on. Even if you don’t think you like it but can’t seem to part with it, try it! There’s a reason why you’re drawn to it. Those have always been my favorite pieces, the ones I felt that were too weird or wouldn’t look right, they can really surprise you, be bold, after all, you’re at a thrift store, it’s begging you to be unique and creative! This truly helps me narrow down my finds as well, sometimes pieces aren’t flattering or are boring on, this will help eliminate those pieces for you.

    This is the cream XL cardigan I found that is my favorite cable-knit cardigan I’ve ever had.


    For me, thrift stores are all about stretching your creative capabilities in fashion, this includes trying on that shirt with every single color or weird print you didn’t ever think you would like. I love that I get to be as expressive and creative as runway models. It’s so refreshing in a world of department stores that have what’s cute, but it takes an extra mile to be creative and express yourself in. I recently found this authentic vintage dress with shoulder pads and a plaid print on top and the bottom a solid color, I really wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, and the shoulder pads were bigger then ones I’ve ever tried before, but then I put it on and it’s easily my favorite dress I got for $2. The fact that it’s a true vintage piece too from further back than the 2000’s. (Which is a prediction but noticing different eras I can that I’ve researched it really looks to be the style from further back towards the 80s and 90s. But, it’s in style for spring and I love how unique and fun it is. Trying something you wouldn’t think to try gives you the freedom and expression in fashion and on you, that you wouldn’t think is possible.

    The $2 vintage spring dress with shoulder pads and all that I adore.

    These are all only 3 steps, but they can be overwhelming to put to practice but giving a million steps, in my experience, doesn’t help the amateur thrifter. Although I gave a lot of information to take in- simply try these in small steps and get out in the thrift store first and put up what you do like and try eliminating what I talked about in these steps. Remember: thrifting is about being unique and creative in your style. I don’t think any other steps would accomplish as much, and you might have information overload. So, giving the freedom to live in these 3 steps has been the most beneficial for me and I hope it will be for you too!

    FYI: I’d love to see what thrift finds you end up with from my blog post and if it helped, don’t hesitate to DM me on IG so we can chat about it! IG: @peachfullychlo

    Until next time!

  • How to set up a Cozy Christmas Picnic!

    So before I start, and before you think “A Christmas picnic??” I’m sorry in advance if you’re up north since being in snow and having a picnic is not the smartest. But for us down south and I’m in Florida…December 1st means 70 degree weather, so why not have a picnic?!

    1. Decorate with comfy Christmas throws, pillows, some pine and ornaments to get in the Christmas spirit and decorated to a T!

    2. Get some delicious cookies and a thermos of hot chocolate to keep it warm!

    I love these cookies from a local business in Tampa, if you are in the area definitely check out @tcmcookies The Cookie Monster Cookies are such a good, BIG and hand crafted cookie and they sell Christmas themed cookies which are perfect for a Christmas themed picnic!

    3. Take some cute pictures!

    It’s such a cute set up and have fun taking pictures with loved ones or do a solo shoot and have fun and celebrate Christmas! 

    That’s it! 3 simple steps to have a fun day around the house and have intimate moments with loved ones!

    Until next time!