Hi everyone, welcome to my corner of the internet!

Peachfully Chlo began with a passion for thrifting. I often refer myself as “The crazy blonde who can’t stop going to thrift stores.” About 90% of my fashion is built on recycled clothes and vintage finds.
I would describe my style as ranging from vintage-casual to boho chic, and I’m always trying new trends. I am constantly at my local thrift stores to showcase styles that are unique and trendy.

But it didn’t stop there, I also have a passion for journalistic writing, photography and digital marketing! I have been into photography for 10 years and love to express my eye in photography through content creation. Little did I know how Peachfully Chlo would change me and how much I love to be a content creator. I am currently in college and working on getting a degree in Mass Communications to further my pursuit of being a photojournalist. Right now, I am in social media marketing and have grown a love and undeniable obsession for marketing.

I hope you enjoy my little corner of peachfullychlo!

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